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Presentation of FrontDesk

FrontDesk minimizes citizens' waiting time and improves service levels.

Just a few years ago, frustrating waiting times and long queues were the primary reason for citizens' dissatisfaction with the public sector in Denmark. Since 2014, FrontDesk has revolutionized citizens' interaction with the public sector by digitizing queues and appointments, which has minimized citizens' waiting times and improved service levels significantly.

The advanced software predicts workloads and allows staff planning to minimize peak times.

FrontDesk product features

In this video, we review some of the features that make FrontDesk the best queue and appointment management system for the public sector.

The monitors

The large monitors can be individually configured so that each waiting areas can display relevant queues. The citizen can scan the ticket to see the queue status on a smartphone so that the waiting area can be left without losing the place in the queue.

  • Text, images or video in rotation next to the queue display
  • Individual displays in different waiting areas
  • Audio library for calling sound
  • Reading of number or reservation time

The terminal

The terminal can do more than print numbers. The flexible system makes it possible to screen citizens directly on the terminal. FrontDesk also handles appointments and automatically informs the employee when the citizen arrives for a meeting.

  • Smart visitation directly on the terminal
  • Infrared scanner for ID-
  • 24" touch screen
  • Language selection
  • QR code on number ticket
  • Reserved appointments are automatically integrated into the queue system
  • Possibility to reserve time directly on the terminal
  • Automatic message via text message or e-mail to meeting organizer when citizen has arrived
  • Print information directly on the terminal

The counters

The counter is the employee's tool. Each counter shows only the relevant queues that the individual employee has signed up for. All activities are continuously documented as part of the normal workflow.

  • Ability to move false numbers to correct queue
  • Integration with appointment calendar
  • Full overview of all agreed meetings and reservations
  • Text reminder to the citizen
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Ability to register multiple cases on a single activity
  • Manager alert when many citizens are in queue
  • Notification when a citizen draws a number
  • Notification when needed for self-service PCs


The management tool allows you to configure the entire system. The flexible and intuitive design makes it easy to create new buttons. Visitation questions and other texts can be easily changed and adapted. Queues can be created, enabled, disabled, and more. Opening hours for each button and functionality can be configured.

  • Flowchart visualizes navigation on the stand
  • Quick creation of new queues and buttons
  • Opening hours on terminals and buttons
  • Buttons and terminal layout can be scheduled by time
  • Dynamic adaptation and change of texts
  • Texts to display on terminals and to print on number tickets are created and arranged easily and intuitively.


FrontDesk has a range of combination options for interval statistics, such as number of operations and waiting times per hour / day / month, comparison of time periods or extended statistics for each queue.

  • Comprehensive statistics module
  • Export to Excel
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Automatic monthly management reporting


Here the manager can get an overview and potentially quickly redistribute resources.

  • Overview, with real-time monitoring of all activities

Benefits for the citizens

Visitation of citizens

The system screens the citizen directly on the stand.

Print information directly on the terminal

Guides and relevant information can be printed directly from the terminal.

Self-help help

The citizen can ask for personal assistance directly on the self-service computers.

Time Reservation

The citizen can easily reserve time through the internet or on the terminal. Time reservation allows the manager to free up staff resources for other work during quiet periods and quickly deploy resources for sudden peak periods.

Benefits for employees

Appointment system

The system is fully integrated with the employees' calendar. FrontDesk informs the employee at the arrival of the citizen.

Text message reminders

The citizen receives a text message 1day before his appointment. This means fewer forgotten appointments and less time wasted for the staff.


The system can inform the employee about the arrival of new citizens, so that the employee can easily switch between citizen service and other tasks.

Registration of activities

Multiple registrations can be made at the same citizen's service activity, so all work is continuously documented as part of the normal workflow.

Management advantages

User-friendly management module

New queues and counters can be easily created and removed as needed.


Makes it easy to estimate resource usage.


All registrations can be easily exported to Excel and used in relevant business intelligence systems.

Real-time overview image

The system makes it easy to detect queues so that staff resources can be optimized.

Operating benefits

Minimum education costs

The system is intuitive and simple and requires a minimum of education even for employees without special IT knowledge.

100% cloud based

No special hardware or software must be purchased or maintained. All that is required is an internet connection.

Low monthly costs

FrontDesk has no hidden fees and no unforeseen costs.


The system is continuously updated based on user feedback. There are no costs associated with the updates.